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Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850
Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850

Rodents? Uh-oh...

When you call your local pest control company, you want what's bugging you gone. Well, what if it's not a bug at all? What if it's something furry with a long tail and there's more than one of them? 

There are several options for an effective rodent control plan. The most important element in choosing the right one is understanding the problem. Rodent baiting is an effective way of dealing with a rodent population. Snap traps and glue boards are effective if a stray single critter gets in. However, with an established problem, our most effective countermeasure includes rodenticide bait blocks. Why? Because we are treating the whole problem rather than just catching one at a time. Rodent bait is placed with a tamper resistant bait station and the rodents feed on this and die. It's important to note that this will take some time, especially if a prior food source has already been established. If rodents are in your home or building, chances are they have an established food supply. So, time and a bit of patience is necessary in the beginning stages of treatment. Usually, 1 to 2 bait blocks might be placed within a bait station. As the rodents begin to feed on the bait blocks, replenishment of the bait stations will be necessary. This is why a rodent control program is nor just a "DO IT ONCE PROCEDURE". It's a work in progress that takes time. Management of the rodent infestation is the key to success.

It may be well easier for us to tell you what you want to hear, that we will get rid of those mice or rats FAST. But, truth is, you're relying on our realistic judgement as professionals and as such, we feel it's in both of best interests if we are honest with you. We won't sugar coat the problem to make our sales pitch sound appealing. If it was a fast and easy procedure, rodent problems wouldn't exist. 

Depending on the circumstance, a once a month service (and sometimes as often as once a week) service plan is required to gain control of the rodent problem. Certain conditions in the immediate area can be contributing factors. Trees that are fruit or berry producing can be an attractant. Oak trees are also frequently a magnet because of the acorns they produce. Feeding of birds can also attract more than just birds, so bird feeding must cease. Sanitation in disarray is also an important factor. Closure of obvious openings and cooperative efforts between us and our Client are critical. For example, if we recommend that you not store bird seed in a garage - you'll have to act on our request to help eliminate that particular attraction for rodents. 

With time and a cooperative effort, rodent problems can be easily managed and resolved. Contact React Pest Control today and get rid of those uninvited furry guests!

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