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Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850
Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850

Long Island's Most Common Cockroach

Roaches are a problem, no doubt about it. Can they be a problem someplace else, though? Anywhere but here! 

That's a sentiment expressed by most. What can you do to make that sentiment a reality? Get serious and let a trained professional manage the problem. That right, manage the problem. If you think that a roach problem is a one, two, three "YER OUR" proposition, think again. Did you know that the most common type of roach on Long Island is the German Cockroach? Most common type? There's more than one kind of roach?! You bet. If you weren't aware of that that then you really shouldn't entertain the thought of trying to do your own roach control. Identification is KEY. If you're in a restaurant, you more than likely have a German Roach. But then again, it could be Oriental Roaches, or American Roaches. (Who cares what their nationality is... we want them out!) Different products work differently on different roaches. This is why identification is so important. If you have a problem with roaches or even if you don't have a problem yet, it's important to realize just how quickly roaches can manifest into a BIG problem. Let's go back to the common guys on the block - the infamous German Roaches. A single female roach can produce between 30 and 40 baby roaches in a single egg sack and a single roach can go from the egg to adulthood in just 36 days. So, what does this all mean? If you have roaches that come in on something like a delivery, within 36 days that single roach will produce about 30 to 40 roaches. OK, let's say it's 30... you know, to avoid dramatizing the situation. It's reasonable to assume that half of those will be female and will reproduce within a month or so. So, 15 roaches reproducing 40 more roaches... that works out to be 450 more roaches in just a month. Now, bear in mind that this is based on just a single unwanted roach arriving in on a delivery. The reality is, you usually will get way more than just one roach. So, factor that 450 number by 10, which is more in tune with reality and means you could have 4,500+ roaches in the time frame of ONE MONTH. Yikes!  

What can be done? You can have a regular pest management program in place on a weekly basis, or even on a bi-weekly basis, depending on your needs. By utilizing professional products and insect bait, roaches will carry product back to hidden nesting sites, resulting in adult cockroach control. A different product, which is basically a cockroach birth control, can be used to stop the reproductive cycle of the roaches. This is how a proper professional cockroach management program is implemented. Notice how it's called management, because it takes time, meticulous inspection and application of proper product along with a cooperative relationship between the Client and pest control company. Under this criteria, cockroaches can be managed and even stopped! 

Don't forget, at React Pest Control we include our service warranty on all of our services! 

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