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Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850
Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in Nassau & Suffolk County! NYS DEC REG #: 09850

The Ants Keep Marching In! Can They Be Stopped?

Ants are relentless! And so should be your anti-ant combat plan. One of the most effective ways of defeating ants is to have an ant management plan. Insect foraging products or ant baits are a very successful tool in managing ant problems. The goal is to manage ant problems rather than a total elimination of ants. Why is management better than eliminating the little varmints? Well, the answer to that is: GO BACK AND READ THE FIRST THREE WORDS OF THIS PARAGRAPH. It's simply not a reasonable goal to eliminate ants completely. Despite some claims by other Pest Management companies to "TOTALLY ELIMINATE ANTS FOREVER", we choose to be realistic. The reality is that those claims are designed as a sales pitches more than a real game plan. Is this merely our point of view because we want your business? Not quite. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) launched an investigation into claims by Pest Control companies who claimed 100% elimination of all pests. Why? Because the claims aren't reasonable. Because ants will continue to migrate into your home from the outside environment, there is never going to be a time when you can declare that ALL OF THE ANTS ARE GONE FOREVER! They are like waves at the beach, they keep rolling in. There may well be periods where you do not see any ants, however, some ants are active 12 months of the year, inside wall voids, below floors, in door saddles, in basement sills, etc... A lot of times an ant problem may seem to disappear, but what may actually disappear in many cases are the symptoms, which are the ants that are visible. These ants that you see are sometimes foraging for food to bring back to the colonies buries inside of walls and floors. It's also important to note that ant colonies can potentially be huge and have more than one, or several, colonies known as "Satellite Colonies". There are smaller off shoots of the main colony that may be hidden somewhere inside your home. This is where a regular service for ants comes into play. By applying ant bait on a regular basis for these food seekers to find and carry back to their colony, we are able to keep ants in check and even eliminate that particular colony. But, as we discussed earlier, other ants will continue to seek out your home as unwelcome tenants or a smaller satellite colony or colonies may remain alive and well without a regular service plan. It's similar to cutting the grass - there is never a time when you can cut the grass once and that's the end of it. The idea in short is to prevent ant colonization and provide a managed approach either via a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on what your specific needs are. By implementing a treatment with the use of baits, it's important to realize that results will take a few days, to sometimes a few weeks. Why use bait and wait? It's simple, actually. Bait is safe and a lot more effective. We get the product into the hiding places that spray doesn't penetrate and by doing away with regular spraying, we have a safer environment!
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